Over 20 years ago Jason got his start in high-end custom furniture and cabinetry in Scottsdale, Arizona. With degrees in interior design and small business from Arizona State, a solid foundation was set for a career path that has been an organic evolution. With a love for all things design, Jason and Amber enjoy the challenges and hurdles that come with making ideas a reality. Always looking at things from outside the box and thinking in different ways. For example, using materials you might not typically associate with furniture is just one of our passions – whether it’s carbon fiber, concrete, plaster or as simple as upholstering a mirror frame just to name a few. But….the challenges lie in the juggle of form and function as design just for the sake of design does not address the need or purpose. Cost and feasibility are also a hurdle however being able to look at projects from not only a designer’s perspective but the builder/constructor as well gives us an advantage and head start with any given design. Many designers that don’t have the background in actually making the idea a reality will usually fall short in cost, expectation, delivery or all of the above.